Snap! High Frequency Words Preprimer




In SNAP, words are color coded according to the three kinds of words referenced in the Bee Smart manual, Intervention Without Tension. Green words can be read and spelled by syllable pattern; yellow words are word families; red words are words that must be memorized by letter name for reading and spelling. When a morpheme (prefix or suffix) is added, the word is coded in black.

Snap is played with two to three players. The object of the game is to collect the most high frequency word cards.

Play begins with the shuffled deck turned faced down and the designated player turns over a card and reads it. The player may continue to collect cards until he or she picks SNAP. At that time, the player must return the cards to the bottom of the draw pile which then challenges each player to remember the card that preceded SNAP.

A player may choose to stop collecting and reading cards at any time before turning over a SNAP card and keep the card collected by passing his or her turn to the next player. The collected cards are kept until the game ends.

The game ends when all word cards have been drawn and only the 5 SNAP cards remain. The player with the word cards is declared the winner.